King Lajoie

Fans of kitsch roll up your sleeves and dive in as Joannie Lafreniere’s film is for you! King Lajoie, available on CBC Gem, is a short film about a man who has had a special relationship with the King, Elvis Presley, for a large portion of his life.

Elvis impersonators have been around for as long as the King of Rock himself. Longer actually, because he is no longer with us and they still are around.

In 1977, Elvis Presley died. This sent 18-year-old Gilles Lajoie into a tailspin as he was a huge fan. Instead of wallowing in his grief he turned it into something great – becoming an Elvis impersonator. Forty years later he is still doing Elvis. An obsession has become his life.

The 26 minute biopic focuses on the man and his life with Elvis. Everything he has done – from performing to getting hairplugs – has something to do with Elvis. The camera follows him around as he gives tours of Memphis to other Elvis obsessed people, interviews with him and his 89 and 90 year old parents and conversations with his astrologer Therese, who believes that Gilles and Elvis are linked.

In my humble opinion, the best part of the film is the interviews with his 80-something secretary. She is a riot!

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