The Shasta Triangle

A mix of sci fi and horror with all the characters being female. Themes involved include love, loss, friendship, and sacrifice.

Paula (Dani Lennon – appeared in episodes of The Young and the Restless and CSI: Miami), now in her thirties, returns to her hometown of Shasta, California. It is not a social or nostalgic visit; there is a purpose. She wants to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of her father years ago when she was still a young child.

Her parents were scientists of sorts who used ancient geometry in order to attempt to find out what was causing a strange sound like a horn that was happening around the world. This brought about tragedy as her mother died suddenly and then her father was gone.

Calling upon some friends from her childhood, Paula, along with Charlie (Deborah Lee Smith – appeared in an episode of Rules of Engagement), Meredith (Madeline Merritt – American Idiots, Army of the Damned), Alicia (Helenna Santos – appeared in episodes of The Good Doctor and The Flash), and Sam (Ayanna Bershire – Twilight, Wendy and Lucy), all go into the woods to the spot they played in as children.

Weird things start happening. They are being held captive by unseen forces which they cannot seem to locate or control. Reality becomes an ever changing thing.

Despite some interesting elements in The Shasta Triangle the film does not quite work out. Maybe it was a case of director and screenwriter Barry W. Levy (directed episodes of Arrow and Supernatural) attempting to do too much.

Quite painful actually. And at certain points I did not understand anything that was going on. Very confusing. Or more accurately, very muddled a film. I was completely lost!

As such you cannot really fault the actresses for all seeming rather hesitant in their roles as they did not have much of the concrete variety to work with.

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