Come on Feel the Noize: The Story of How Rock Became Metal

History can be interesting, people! It is really just the story of humans. How and what we did. This 90 minute documentary aims to bring us through the history or story of metal music. How rock evolved into metal. Told by director Jorg Sonntag and those in the metal world.

Images and video are padded with an impressive array of musicians talking about metal music. Interviews with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Nikki Sixx, Dee Snyder, Michael Starr, Michael Monroe, and James Hetfield. Basically anyone who is anyone in metal shows up here. Some of the footage was thought lost and so has not been seen many times before.

We start with the origins of metal in the 1960s with bands like Led Zeppelin and then moving into Black Sabbath and then Metallica. The 1980s were the heyday for metal. There were plenty of subgenres with glam and hair bands.

We start off with rock then move into hard rock then punk and finally on to metal. It is a windy road, but an always interesting one. Instead of playing up the punk vs. metal rivalry, Come on Feel the Noize shows how parts of punk worked their way into metal. This is like having a backstage pass to the evolution of metal and how it has set itself up as something that is going to stay due to its devoted fanbase.

Come on Feel the Noize is available on VOD and DVD now.

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