Heist – Blu-ray Edition

“Heist”, as the title implies, details an incredibly complex theft. Filmed in Montreal, as was The Score – another grand larceny flick. Our fair city doubles for Boston and, admittedly, half the fun is spotting famous locales.

The movie features a stellar cast including no less than the elder statesman of thespians, Gene Hackman, as well as Delroy Lindo, compelling as usual in their portrayal of big-time career crooks. Danny DeVito, conversely, in a superb bit of casting, plays their cantankerous “boss” who bankrolls their last big score.

Many elaborate subterfuges are hatched and much duplicity ensues as Hackman and co. set out to appropriate a shipment of gold headed to Switzerland. Admittedly, the plot is somewhat convoluted and the dialogue is, at times, a little too “criminally” urbane, if not pretentious. “Heist”, however, is ultimately redeemed by the performances of its leads, as well as o­ne final staggeringly ironic plot twist which, alone, is worth the price of admission. 

Originally released in 2001.  

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