Drake White Talks Feeling The Fire For Your Passions On Episode 9 of Country Outdoors Podcast

The mindset of Drake White goes a little something like this, “it’s already done, I just need to step into it.” Throughout his episode on the Country Outdoors Podcast, Drake talks about putting into the universe what you want to happen and doing the work to make it happen. He is such a passionate person that he wants to be around someone, “that is on fire about something.” He also discusses his musical influences, such as Zac Brown Band. Towards the end of the episode, Drake gets emotional talking about a lesson he learned from his Grandfather while hunting – speak the truth, if you don’t see something, ask to see it. Drake has taken this lesson with him throughout his life and career. The podcast can be listened to on listeners’ favorite platforms and by going to Country-Outdoors.com.

“Drake has a unique perspective on music, life and the outdoors; our conversation delivered on all fronts.” said Mitch Petrie, co-host of the podcast.

The brand new Country Outdoors Podcast, from the Outdoor Sportsman Group, provides fans a new lens to see their favorite country artist through. Mitch and Mary have a way of seamlessly blending both outdoor lifestyle topics with their guests music careers. 

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Ep. 9 – Drake White 

About Country Outdoors

authentically explores the outdoors and the stories of the biggest artists in
Country Music. The hosts, Mary
and Mitch
have quickly caught the attention of notable country
artists, their fans and outdoor enthusiasts. Mary O’Neill is originally from
New South Wales, Australia, and grew up spending much of her weekends at her
parents cattle farm venturing around and riding dirtbikes. Along with her
passion for the outdoors, Mary has always had an affinity for the entertainment
industry and country music. Mary has been trailblazing her own path in
entertainment for 11 years, including working with a variety of Film, TV,
reality and radio projects. She has since made amazing headway in growing
strong relationships with country artists through one of her main expeditions
in launching her own digital platform in 2015, “Honey on the Railroad,” which
included her hosting filmed interviews of country musicians. Mitch Petrie grew
up in Mankato, Minn. and as a child spent his summers on the lake, cultivating
his passion for fishing which later grew further into a love for hunting and
the outdoors overall. Not only does Mitch have skills in whipping up a fresh
rabbit stew, he also has experience working in the outdoor entertainment
industry. He was first connected to the production field through a buddy that
he met when he was working for a manufacturing company for shooting range
products, Steve Puppe. They then became partners with Steve in producing a show
called “Wardens” on the Outdoor Channel. Most of his work was behind the scenes
in handling the camera or managing the business aspects of the program. Petrie has
always been energized both by the outdoors and by the people who write, play
and enjoy country music. With his well-rounded interests, experiences, and
network he has helped cultivate this engaging podcast that creates a unique
avenue for artists to engage their outdoorsmen fan bases, while listeners can
encounter their favorite country singers in a more personal, unique way.
Artists featured in the first season include Tyler Farr, Jon Langston, Dylan
Scott, Craig Campbell, Jordan Davis, Craig Morgan and LOCASH, amongst others.
For more information go to country-outdoors.com.

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