Sunday Girl

I think it is hard enough to keep on track with or on top of one relationship, but five!!! Incredible. This is a film, directed by Peter Ambrosio, about a girl who, in one single day, breaks up with four out of her five boyfriends. She has decided that she wants to be in committed relationship with the last one – George (Brandon Stacy – The Big Short, Terminator Genisys).

Natasha (Dasha Nekrasova – appeared in episodes of Mr. Robot and Dickinson) is a free spirited twenty-something. Her dating life gets out of control and she finds herself dating five guys at the same time. Giving herself a time limit of one day, she must go see the four she wants to break up with and do the dirty deed.

Obviously this can be nothing but a romantic comedy. Laughs are everywhere here, but if you take a moment and look a bit deeper you’ll find some more serious issues are there. Issues like how we have the capability of being always connected today and yet we are not really “connected” anymore. Technology has enabled us to remain wrapped in a combo of our own world with a cyber one. Others do not factor in. The result is that people can seem rather social while at the same time be profoundly lonely. Tricky.

Definitely a modern day romantic comedy with loads of anxiety bubbling underneath making it rather funny and poignant at the same time.