Madam Secretary: Season 5


Politics today is a hot button issue. Even more so than usual, I mean. Especially in the United States. They are in a constant of mess of late. If it is not Trump tweeting incessently it is him getting impeached. That is why a series like this one becomes more interesting. You find youself wondering how many of the storylines have sprung from what is actually happening. Voyeurism lite at its best.

Starting this season expecially there has been a lot of talk surrounding the series claiming that the Left or Liberals have taken over. That all their politics and viewpoints have been trotted out and become the voice of the show.

For me, the problem isn’t the fact that the show leans Left if is that the rest of the world is portrayed poorly. As stupid, corrupt and in need of continuous rescuing by the United States. Like we could not go on without them. Insulting! Especially with the mess that country is presently in.

Secretary of Sate Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni) is doing her best to do what most women have to – balance work and family life. It is a little trickier for her as she is the Secretary of State of the United States. Elizabeth has to deal with brokering a major nuclear disarmament deal, finding out who attacked the White House, bring back the remains of a U.S. soldier who died during World War II, the eruption of an Icelandic volcano, has to deal with an Arizona policy separating immigrant children from their parents, Syrian children dying due to an American cluster bomb, and brokering a deal to bring the U.S. troops back home from the Middle East.

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