Trailblazing comic book game Liberated showcased by Nintendo

Tackling privacy, fake news, and grassroots revolution.

Nintendo has surprised gamers at the Indie World Showcase with a trailer for Liberated, a one-of-a-kind cross between a comic and a game. This dark cyberpunk tale, presented entirely within the pages of a graphic novel, is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Merging the hand-drawn art of graphic novels with the action of video games, Liberated introduces a new way to present interactive stories. Narrative panels seamlessly intertwine with side-scrolling action. Shooting, sneaking and puzzle solving sections come in bite-size chunks, creating a dynamic gaming experience.

The brief trailer may not convey it all, but Liberated paints an eerily familiar dystopian vision of the future. Surveillance, misinformation, fake news and personal data get weaponized to enforce a new world order. As a result, a group of rebels emerges, calling themselves the Liberated. Soon they will need to face the question if what they fight for is worth the sacrifice.

Even though this is a black-and-white game, inspired by the noir works of Frank Miller and Will Eisner, the world it presents is anything but. To emphasize this, the players will get to play as characters from both sides of the conflict, and learn why none see themselves as the bad guys.

The new comic-slash-game formula is already getting attention from both gamers and critics. Liberated has received numerous awards, including PAX West’s Best in Show and Pixel Europe’s Indie Grand Prix.
The initial 2020 Switch release will be followed with PC version of the game, already listed on Steam and GOG. You can add it to your wishlist HERE.

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