Cameron Esposito: Marriage Material

Today she is a mainstay in the stand-up world, but Marriage Material was Cameron Esposito’s first comedy special. Just a few days before she was to get married, Esposito performed this in front of her home town crowd in Chicago. The special is directed by fellow stand-up, Bobcat Goldthwait.

It is somewhat awkward watching her talk about her upcoming nuptials (the year of the special was 2016) as she is now divorced from fellow stand-up Rhea Butcher.

Most of Esposito’s material is political…in a funny way. Proves that you can be smart and funny at the same time. Covers topics such as gay marriage, drug testing, gun control, and love. Truthful and honesty within all the laughs. A comedian who has enough courage to say what many of us are thinking but cannot.

For those who might not enjoy liberal leaning comedy, she also talks about non-political things like believing she will be killed in her sleep, her period (but this can be argued to be political) and her awkward childhood.

A talented stand-up who can even make a failed attempt at something as simple as putting her hand in a pocket that doesn’t exist funny.

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