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I have not seen very many films made in the Philippines, but the few I have seen lead me to believe there is plenty of talent there.

Living in run down outskirts of Manila, Maria (Alessandra de Rossi – Lucid, Circa) and her husband try to do their best for their three kids. As former drug addicts that is a shadow which looms over them. Working hard, living a good life and making sure their kids go to school is what life is about now.

This is all changed when Maria’s husband is mysteriously killed. Shot down in the middle of the street. The drug wars of this area seems to have claimed another victim. Now it will be up to Maria to keep her family fed, clothed, having a roof above their heads, and safe.

Her mother bear instinct kicks into high gear when it comes to protecting her kids, so Maria goes undercover under the guidance of a detective in the drug squad. She begins to work for a drug gang. All in an effort to make money and get to the bottom of her husband’s murder.

The tragic film moves quickly and seamlessly into a crime thriller. Director Ben Rekhi brings us deep into the drug world in Manila in this realistic portrayal of what many who live there have to deal with. Violence, terror, crime, and loss.

Moral conflict is throughout. Question after question crop up. Forcing the viewer to wonder what they would do if they found themselves in the same situation. The answer(s) is/are not easy ones. Despite some predictabilty it does manage to keep the intrigue level high.

Not your typical drug film as it is filled with unique moments and some heartbreak.

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