The Irishman

Legendary director Martin Scorsese’s (The Departed, Taxi Driver) latest film is part of the of late Netflix trend to just release a film briefly in theatres to then host it on the streaming service. Things are changing quickly in the film world with CGI improvements and streaming services like Netflix Continue Reading

Prince – Originals

Music fans know that Prince, the purple one from Minnesota, was an amazing musician, commercially successful and incredibly popular. What some don’t know is that he was a great songwriter. So great that he wrote for many other artists or that they recorded his songs. Artists like Sheila E., Sinead Continue Reading

Yoshiki and KISS: Collaborate For Once-In-A-Lifetime Worldwide TV Performance On New Year’s Eve

ROCK LEGENDS FROM AMERICA AND JAPAN TO PERFORM ON MUSIC BROADCAST WORLDWIDE Japanese rock star YOSHIKI will team up with American rock legends KISS for a once-in-a-lifetime television performance on Japan’s NHK network. The artists will appear together as “YOSHIKI feat. KISS” (“YOSHIKISS”) during the New Year’s Eve “Red and White Music Battle” (“Kouhaku Uta Gassen”), the most-watched television program Continue Reading