Tegan and Sara – Hey, I’m Just Like You

Twelve tracks. Twenty years together as one of Canada’s premiere music duos. Ninth album for Tegan and Sara. Loads of numbers are involved here. What is most important to music fans is that the sisters/twins continue making music together.

Never willing to take the easy way out, they continue making unexpected mostly pop music. Unexpected in that they could aim to make music which they know will be commercially successful. But it is a case of been there done that as they did that with the 2013 album Heartthrob with its popular single “Closer”. The songs on this album contain a sense of nostalgia as the songs are all based on ones they wrote as teenagers. Busy ladies this album was released in conjunction with a book/memoir they wrote called High School.

Their first album in three years returns to their roots in more than one way. Besides lyrically soundwise it harkens back to their beginnings in music. The sound is more of a punk rock variety. First single released off the album was the track “I’ll Be Back Someday” followed by “Don’t Believe the Things They Tell You (They Lie)”. All the songs were written between the ages 15 and 17 while they were in high school. It gives the album an agreeable mixture of youth and maturity.

A cool aspect of the album is that it is a totally female product as it was written, produced, performed, mastered, mixed and mastered by women.

Track Listings

1. Hold My Breath Until I Die
2. Hey, I’m Just like You
3. I’ll Be Back Someday
4. Don’t Believe the Things They Tell You (They Lie)
5. Hello, I’m Right Here
6. I Don’t Owe You Anything
7. I Know I’m Not the Only One
8. Please Help Me
9. Keep Them Close ‘Cause They Will Fuck You Too
10. We Don’t Have Fun When We’re Together Anymore
11. You Go Away and I Don’t Mind
12. All I Have to Give the World is Me

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