The Circle on Netflix Starting January 1, 2020

Reality TV is everywhere on the small screen. With shows like The Voice, X Factor, 90 Day Fiance, The Bachelor, Survivor, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dancing with the Stars, MasterChef, and Project Runway there is plenty of variety. Reality television is so popular and pervasive that there is even an entire channel (hayu) dedicated to it. The latest addition to the already packed list is Netflix’s The Circle, which will begin on the first day of the new year.

Beginning on January 1, 2020, The Circle will be quick and dirty with the 12 episodes airing over three straight Wednesday nights – 4 episodes each night and the finale happening on January 15, 2020. Cool as it will not take much of a time commitment and things will happen quickly. Almost like you are binging the series.

Even more popular than reality television is social media, so why not combine the two? That is exactly what happens in this series produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group.

The series is hosted by Michelle Buteau, stand-up comedian, podcast host and actress. You don’t really get to see her very much, but she does narrate what is happening and contribute some rather funny lines.

Watching it I was kinda reminded of Big Brother. Big Brother, if it happened online. It seems to involve competitions of a sort, members of The Circle deciding who gets “blocked” or eliminated, alliances made, and plenty of plotting, lying, romance, and strategy. Others will find it similar to the MTV reality series Catfish as there are a couple of participants who are catfishing or being deceitful about who they are.

Format is as follows – contestants move into an apartment building though they will never meet each other face-to-face. All contact will be via social media. The Circle is an app which allows them to have private and group chats, load pictures up to their profile, rate their fellow contestants, and compete in different challenges like trivia and a game of Ask Me Anything. The ratings will be compiled and generally the top two will become “influencers”, who will decide which contestant is “blocked” or eliminated. All are hoping to last until the final show in which the final five contestants will be in the running for the cash prize of $100,000.

Stay tuned as we follow along with the show.

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