Mo’Nique: One Night Stand

While we can debate her life choices or her opinions (her well know feuds with Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey amongst them), what you have to admit is that the woman is dang funny. I purposely watched my language there in deference to the fact that every second word out of Mo’Nique’s mouth is off colour.

Back to her being funny, she just plain is. Though maybe not admired by everyone as she is crass, full of attitude and uses a ton of foul language. She might offend some, but if you don’t mind that or can get past it, there are plenty of laughs to indulge in.

For me, it is the way she presents things. A large part of this just over one hour set has to do with her kids. She tells us that she has just come out of divorce (with a man she keeps describing as a leprechaun as he was short) and instead of being out every night looking for her next husband she dedicates herself to her two sons – one 12-years-old and the other 17-years-old. Set on becoming the mother of the year (saying that with her tongue firmly in her cheek), Mo’Nique says she stayed home with sons all the time, much to the chagrin of her 17-year-old, playing every sort of board game like Monopoly, Connect Four and Trouble. Not Twister because her kids were scared she would fall on them.

A funny joke she makes about her divorce is her outrage at her ex-husband gets half of everything she earned during their marriage. Mo’Nique says she called OJ to find out how he did it. That sums up her comedic style perfectly. Pushing boundaries, shocking, occasionally offensive, and, bottom line, funny.

Another large (no pun intended) part of her set is her size. A larger woman, she includes it in her roster of jokes. Not shying away from it. Actually the exact opposite. She revels in her size. Making sure she lets everyone know that she likes what she looks like and other big ladies should as well. Even starts her set calling Biloxi the home of big girls. Where they eat what they want.

An interesting section is when she makes references to Michael Jackson and R Kelly. Remember this is back in 2004. Before R Kelly was finally arrested and the documentary and television mini-series came out on the two men covering the suspicions that we have about the crimes they committed. She is going way out on limb here. Taking on these two popular members of the African American community takes gonads. She says that R Kelly should be locked up with two big guys who will have their way with him while he sings “I believe I can fly”. Goes further saying that everyone knows that Jackson did something to the kids he hung out with and probably even his monkey Bubbles. Jokes that the prove is that we don’t see Bubbles anymore.

Some of the best moments of the set happen when she interacts with audience members. Towards the end she says she is now only interested in mature men; men over the age of 50. An obviously older man in a white suit stands up and walks up on stage. Tells Mo’Nique his name is Neilly. She jokes that it proves that he is an old pimp as pimps don’t use their first names as someone is always looking for them.

One Night Stand, directed by Leslie Small, was recorded in Biloxi, Mississippi in 2004. It is now streaming on

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