Summer Lover

What could have been a saucy sex romp is overshadowed by the awful/wooden acting. Robert Crombie (Assassins Run, Hope for the Addicted), who also wrote the screenplay, never really has a chance here with his film. It is a decent story, but he is let down by his trio of lead actors being weak.

On the Greek island of Lesbos (paper thin foreshadowing people!) in the 1920s, newly married young couple, Sappho (Avalon Barrie – first feature film) and Phil Lovell (Todd Soley – The Legend of Bagger Vance) have moved from the United States to Greece. Sappho is the daughter of a millionaire and married to Phil, who is handsome and attempting to make a name as a painter. Coming into the marriage, she is rather naive and inexperienced. Once she meets the outgoing Helene Orlov (Lyudmila Shiryaeva – first feature film), though, things change.

Sappho and Helene forge a friendship which turns into something more and soon Phil completes the love triangle. Though many dream of a situation exactly like this it quickly turns from heaven to hell.

Originally released in 2008 and now available on DVD, Summer Lover is set in Greece, but was filmed in the Ukraine. Not the only odd choice made here. Though the landscapes are one of the strongest points of the film. This is a sex romp which is silly rather than edgy. Which is, I think, what they were going for here. Wavers between attempting to be sexy to artsy. Ends up accomplishing neither.

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