The Maids Will Come on Monday


Twelve minutes of family dysfunction. A family rich, but poor. Poor in regards to relationship. They look good from afar though upon closer inspection you see that they are falling apart.

A well off family gets together for a dinner. A dinner at a beautiful house. The woman hosting the dinner says she did not have time to cook so they are eating take out. Soon the family time turns into tension, hurt feelings and a full out fight.

Don’t be jealous of those who have material things as all that matters are our relationships. How though there are many people sitting around the “family” table underneath it all there is loneliness and distance there. Not the together family they portray to the outside world.

That is driven home here in 18-year-old (!!) Montrealer (now based in New York) Harley Chamandy’s second short film. At only 12 minutes long it certainly packs a lot in during its short time. Can we feel sorry for for a bunch of rich people when we see their pain?

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