I Love Olivia, a queer musical tragic-comedy Podcast

When New York City-based post-punk/psychedelic/glam-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Viva DeConcini‘s love affair with a famous female author fell apart, she didn’t expect that the story of their relationship’s demise would be put on public display in a hit novel. Much less, that it would be told so differently from the way things had really gone down. She knew she had to tell the tale in her own way.

The result is I Love Olivia, a queer musical tragic-comedy Podcast that explores the function of loss in the creation of art through engaging, often hilarious storytelling interspersed with soul rectifying original rock songs from Viva’s latest album, Living Well Is The Best Revenge, which she released on November 23, 2019.

In telling her side of the full story, the self-titled ‘older, lesbian Ty Segall’, turned once again as always to rock and roll to fill in the colors – which, for her, has always been about transforming and transcending. Viva’s way of processing the sense of loss that came with the heart-rending breakup was to create some of the most transformative music of her career on Living Well Is The Best Revenge …with ten unreleased songs ably penned to address her side of a fantastic, even though ultimately doomed, relationship.

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