Netflix’s The Circle – Episodes 1 – 4

Sometimes you just gotta accept that television is a time when you can turn your brain off and just have fun. Have fun watching a show, not worrying about the implications of it. No thinking about whether it makes sense or is good use of your time. Just enjoy!

Such is the case with Netflix’s reality show, The Circle. The Circle is the most modern of reality competitions in that it involves status and strategy. The contestants are housed in an apartment complex, each in their own place and having no direct contact with the others or the outside world. What they have is The Circle, a chat app with which they can communicate with each other, rank each other and hope to become influencers.

The series began on Wednesday, January 1 and the first four (of twelve) episodes were aired. Here’s a little recap:

Episode 1: Hello Circle: Every one of the contestants attempts to make a good first impression. Especially the catfish. Each makes their profile and start communicating with the others. The contestants are: Sammie, Joey, Seaburn/Rebecca, Chris, Alana, Mercedeze/Karyn, Shubham, and Antonio.

Episode 2: Face-to-Face: Stakes go up. After the first elimination (yes! already!), the players are treated to a party and special guest checks out all the competitors.

Episode 3: There’s a Catfish Among Us: An anonymous game of “Ask Me Anything” proves to be enlightening and entertaining. Afterwards questions rise. Miranda solidifies her strategy and Shubham feels less awkward engagig via social media.

Episode 4: Planting Doubt: Another elimination occurs. Some honesty ensues. A new player/catfish joins the game.

Intrigued? Well, you can catch up on Netflix before the next four episodes are aired on Wednesday, January 8th.

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