Canadian Wins CES Innovation Award for Cocktail Machine

Times are good for Ryan Close Canadian CEO/Founder of the Bartesian premium cocktail machine which was included in this year’s Oprah’s Favorite Things holiday gift list and is being awarded this week with the prestigious 2020 CES Innovation Award for Best Home Appliance in the annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

CEO/Founder Ryan Close took the Bartesian from an initial Kickstarter campaign to a booming, award-winning company. A former bartender himself, Ryan worked with expert mixologists to design the ultimate premium cocktails machine through a pod-based system that allows you to use your own alcohol of choice.

Bartesian is a fun and convenient way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails on demand in the comfort of your home. Simply insert a Bartesian cocktail capsule containing real juices, bitters, and extracts to mix with your favorite spirits. Bartesian’s innovative technology identifies your cocktail choice. Next, select your desired strength ranging from mocktail to strong. With just one press of a button, Bartesian draws and blends the appropriate spirit(s) with the capsule ingredients and dispenses your delicious cocktail in seconds. Bartesian’s auto-clean cycle ensures each cocktail is as premium tasting as the last. Bartesian capsules are made with 100% recyclable materials.

Watch a video of Bartesian in action here

The Oprah’s Favorite Things annual list is a must-have holiday
shopping guide that features the most decadent desserts, ingenious gadgets, and
finest finds in home, fashion, and beauty.As Oprah says in the December issue
of O, The Oprah Magazine, “I’m lucky to have my house manager Eddie mixing
fresh cocktails for me, but this mechanical bartender is a great backup. Fill
the canisters with your favorite spirits, pop in a flavored capsule for drinks
like margaritas and old-fashioneds, and you’ll be sipping pretty in no

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The Bartesian is now available for purchase at

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