January is a dark month in many ways. The period after the holidays in which everyone has to return to school or work is not a time many relish. It is the dead of winter in Montreal, so people are pretty done with the cold and snow, but we still have a couple of months left. Finally, films that are being released are usually bottom of the barrel. By that I mean even worse that the summer period of tent pole action films making up every second film release.

Keeping in that tradition is this film which features Kristen Stewart underwater for 95 minutes. That’s pretty much it. Oh yeah, there is some tension due to the fact that it is dark and they seemed destined to die. When you throw underwater aliens(?) or creatures into the mix, then…

Being almost seven miles underwater does not seem to be that bothersome to Norah (Kristen Stewart – Charlie’s Angels – 2019, Personal Shopper). That is until the deepwater drilling rig starts to implode. No where seems safe as Norah tries to get to the escape pods. She comes across many a body and precious few survivors.

Graduate student Emily (Jessica Henwick – from television’s Game of Thrones), the Captain (Vincent Cassel – from television’s Westworld), Rodrigo (Mamoudou Athie – The Circle, The Front Runner), funny guy Paul (T.J. Miller – from television’s Silicon Valley), and Smith (John Gallagher Jr. – 10 Cloverfield Lane, Peppermint) are all who seemed to have survived. Everyone’s hopes seemed dashed when they get to the section with the escape pods to discover they have already been used. They seem doomed to die.

That is until the Captain comes up with a dodgy plan. He says that they have to get to the area of the rig which houses the deepwater suits, put them on and then walk a couple of miles to the backup drill to get to the escape pods there. Though no one thinks this is a great plan they all agree it seems to be the only option.

A walk across the ocean floor is next to impossible enough, but it gets even more difficult when they all realize that they are not alone there.

It is pretty sad that the film is rather decent until the monster(s) comes out. The first 70 minutes or so are rather tense. Due to the precarious nature of their survival so far and the fact that they are so far down without a way to communicate to the surface. Plus it is so dark…you cannot see very much of what is in the water around them. Which, for my money, is more frightening than a zombie or evil entity. Then with 20 minutes remaining an underwater monster(s) appear. It/they are a mixture of something we have seen in Alien/The Quiet Place/Arrival. Then there is the fact that they kind of behave like brainless zombies. Sometimes they just hang about doing nothing while other times they afix themselves to the humans’ helmets seemingly trying suck their brains out. In other words, the deep dark of the water was more frightening than the monster in my book.

The thrill of seeing Kristen Stewart run around occasionally in her underwear does wear off and then you are left with those awful monsters. Not enough to spend $15 on a movie ticket for. So wait until this one is on Netflix or the like.

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