Gemini Man – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Ang Lee has had a career in film which is nothing but interesting. Films from all over the cinematic maps. Stories involving things like gay cowboys (Brokeback Mountain), a young man on a long boat voyage with a bunch of animals (The Life of Pi), a green superhero (Hulk), British period piece (Sense and Sensibility) and a young Chinese warrior (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Plenty of variety but what remains the same throughout are the visuals. Any Ang Lee film is guaranteed to look great.

This is his first straight up action thriller with some neo noir thrown in for good measure. While it is not the greatest film, it is a treat for your eyes. Including how they reverse aged Will Smith to look in his twenties.

Being a NSA hitman Henry Brogan (played by Will Smith) has found he is no longer able to do his job. The toll has broken him. He can no longer go about killing people. So he wants to retire. Henry believes his life will be a lot quieter…and safe. Wrong! He soon discovers he is a target of a hitman. Henry must go on the run in order to stay alive.

Things get even hairier as he flees around the globe when he finds out that the hitman after him is a clone of himself. A younger version of himself. A hitman who can predict everything he is going to do.

Teaming up with DIA operative Dani Zakarewski (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead), they figure out the conspiracy has something to do with GEMINI, a mysterious underground outfit that specializes in kidnappings and heinous torturing. They have sent Junior after Henry.

The visuals are all over the place. Not quality wise, but hyper. Always in motion. You will see things/CGI/special effects you have not seen before. Lee definitely pushes the boundaries. I am sure he is paving the road for what action films are going to look like going forward.

Action is the name of the game here rather than story or character development. Plenty of gunplay and a mind boggling motorcycle chase sequence.

While plenty of attention is payed to the way the film looks little is done about the human element or the telling of the story. You can see certain parts where they all of a sudden snap to that and attempt to give the film some heart and emotion. But instead of complimenting the action it just rings hollow. Unfortunate, because there is a story and emotions there you could have connected with.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Alternate Opening
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Genesis of Gemini Man
  • Facing Your Younger Self
  • The Future Is Now
  • Setting the Action
  • Next Level Detail
  • The Vision of Ang Lee

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