Shiro Takatani, Entre Nature et Technologie Opening at Théâtre Outremont

This Sunday, “L’Art en vues” will take you to the Land of the Rising Sun with the documentary Shiro Takatani, between nature and technology directed by Giulio Boato. A poetic portrait in which the Japanese creator explains his artistic approach through several of his works, which combine dance, theater and visual installations.

The documentary will be preceded by the short film Traverse, directed by Marlene Millar: a moving performance of singing, dancing, and percussion realized exclusively by women.

Schedule: Sunday, February 02 at 4 pm at the Outremont Theatre.
Prices: $ 10


  • Visual
    artist, his works have been presetend in Morocco, the Netherlands, France,
    Japan, Ireland and Latvia among others.
  • He
    co-founded Dumb Type, a Japanese
    multidisciplinary artist collective.
  • He
    has collaborated several times with the composer Ryuichi Sakamoto,
    notably as visual director of his opera LIFE.
  • He
    has created theatre/dance performances including La chambre claire (die helle Kammer),
    which premiered in Germany and CHROMA
    which premiered in Japan.
  • In 2015, he received the 65th Prize of Fine Arts (Art media) from the Ministry of Education of Japan.

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