WAITING FOR APRIL by Olivier Godin – in theatres February 7

La Distributrice de films is pleased to
announce the theatrical release of Olivier Godin’s 4th feature film,
Waiting for April. The film will open on February 7 at the
Cinémathèque québécoise and at Cinéma Moderne, in Montreal.

Waiting for April has been selected at the Vancouver International
Film Festival (VIFF)
, the Festival du nouveau cinéma and the Rendez-vous
Québec Cinéma
. It was also shown at the festival Les Percéides,
where Olivier Godin won the Jury Prize for his previous film, The Art of
. Its international premiere took place in Germany, during Berlin
Critics’ Week

Waiting for April is a romantic, epic
cop comedy freely inspired by songs and medieval fables collected by
storyteller Michel Faubert. Detective Haffigan investigates a mysterious
singing bone, a talisman endowed with dangerous powers, and chased after by a
coterie of second-rate outlaws. The bone turns out to be in possession of
Mithridate, a seductive actor with a gorilla’s right arm. Haffigan expresses
romantic interest in the charming comedian, but he rebuffs her, instead setting
his sights on Eleonore, a cashier at the Bank of Permanent Fog, who promises to
liberate him from the bone’s curse.

Starring Michel Faubert, Johanna Nutter, Étienne Pilon, Tatiana Zinga
Botao, François-Simon Poirier, Ève Duranceau, Rose-Maïté Erkoreka, Luc Proulx,
Daniel Canty, Aurélie Brochu Deschênes, Florence Blain Mbaye, Leslie Mavangui
and Philippe Battikha.

TRAILER: vimeo.com/252082806


Olivier Godin studied cinema at Collège Ahuntsic and then at Concordia University. After his studies, he directed several films independently, developing a fragile and artisanal cinema practice. His short films La boutique de forge (2012) and Feu de Bengale (2014) both won the Best Canadian Short Film award at the Festival du nouveau cinéma. In 2014, a retrospective of his work was presented at the Cinémathèque québécoise, the same year as the release of Nouvelles, Nouvelles, his second feature film. After The Art of Speech (2016), Olivier now presents Waiting for April.

APRIL – Written and directed by Olivier Godin

Fiction, 78 minutes, 2018, Quebec, Original French version, with
English subtitles

Direction: Olivier Godin | Script: Olivier Godin | Cinematography:
Renaud Després-Larose | Sound mix: Ana Tapia Rousiouk | Editing: Theodore
Goodwin | Original score: Michel Faubert, Philippe Battikha | Production:
Olivier Godin, Renaud Després-Larose, Ana Tapia Rousiouk | Distribution: La
Distributrice de films

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