Playing with Fire – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

I have been doing this so long that I am able to predict the quality of a film merely by looking at the cover of the blu-ray or dvd release. Even before I watched this latest John Cena film I could tell it was going to be below average. Lo and behold, I watched it and I was right.

What is it about wrestlers that Hollywood wants to make films with them in it? The Rock. Dave Bautista. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hulk Hogan. And John Cena. I guess because it is not a big leap as wrestling, at least in WWE and the like, involves storylines and as such, acting. They play characters. All that and it does not make them good film actors. I mean, Dwayne Johnson/The Rock is decent, but there is definitely a limited range. Very limited. My advice to wrestlers who want to change career paths to acting is to stick to action films.

Here John Cena steps out of that genre into comedy. There are some physical moments, but it is basically a film which is supposed to make you laugh. Three guys who make up a team of firefighters who are top notch. They take on the biggest baddest fires and do incredible things.

On their latest fire they, Jake Carson (John Cena – Trainwreck, Bumblebee), Mark (Keegan-Michael Key – The Predator, Dolemite is My Name) and Rodrigo (John Leguizamo – Moulin Rouge!, John Wick: Chapter 2), risk their lives putting a wildfire out and saving three siblings. Brynn (Brianna Hildebrand – Deadpool, Deadpool 2), Will (Christian Convery – Venom, Beautiful Boy) and Zoey (Finley Rose Slater – first film) don’t have parents. So it is up to the firemen to take care of them for a bit. They have to adapt to the craziness the kids bring with them to the firestation.

This is most certainly not a film for adults. It involves rambunctious kids. A big goofy dog. Burly men doing silly things. No real plot, just a bunch of scenes stitched together. You get the drift. Kids will not be as tough on the weakness here like poor acting, a silly story and characters which would never exist.

Warning: Only for young people or it will be torturous.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Storytime with John Cena
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Lighting Up The Laughs
  • The Director’s Diaries: Read By Star Cast
  • What It Means To Be A Family
  • The Real Smokejumpers: This Is Their Story

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