New Found Glory Announces Tenth Studio Album ‘Forever + Ever x Infinity’

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Greatest Of All Time

New Found Glory has officially announced
their tenth studio album Forever + Ever x Infinity. The band has
put together a quintessential NFG record, supremely catchy with sing-along
anthems, trademark breakdowns, and sweetly poignant lyrics. “This is
the record our fans have been waiting for us to make,”
guitarist Chad
Gilbert shares, “The old now feels new and fresh. It was a blast
finding ourselves again.”

Fans can check out the
first taste of new music from the pop-punk legends with “Greatest Of
All Time.”
This song dives beyond the surface and into
the depths of love, rolling through ups and downs, and riding through the fear
to keep going through failure. Lines like “I think we are what we’ve
been waiting for”
tug at the heartstrings of anyone that has
struggled, worked, and made it out the other side. New Found Glory has always
been about this; life will be difficult, but these difficulties make us into
stronger, bolder people, and celebrating the triumphs in life make it all worth

Forever + Ever x Infinity is due out May 29, 2020 via Hopeless Records and is available for pre-order now at

Photo Credit: Acacia Evans

Combining punk, hardcore,
and post-hardcore with emotional lyrics and melody is nothing new for the band
that epitomizes heartfelt optimism with DIY work-ethic and spirit. But never
has this been more evident than this 15-song barn burner of a record. Set at a
blistering pace, songs like “Shook By Your Shaved Head” and
Nothing To Say” rip the listener out of their monotonous
day-to-day and drain away all the pressure and self-doubt that manifests
inside. When singer, Jordan Pundik, sings, “You’ve gotta take your life
back. You’ve got so much more to give. That’s what I say to myself when I feel
like giving into the shame I feel. Won’t let it keep me standing still,”

you can’t help jumping up, throwing a fist in the air, and singing the words
out at the top of your lungs. This is what New Found Glory has always been
about – inspiring people to not be afraid of the odds, to lift each other up,
and get up again.

After 20+ years of being a band, ten studio albums, one live album, two
EPs, and four cover albums, New Found Glory’s ethos has never wavered; they
always strive to be the friend you always need and who always understands you. With Forever + Ever x
, the band created an album that is 100% New Found Glory.

New Found Glory is Jordan Pundik (lead vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Ian Grushka (bass guitar) and Cyrus Bolooki (drums).

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