Celeste and Jesse Forever – Blu-ray Edition

Breaking up is never easy. That is doubly true if you still kinda like the person you are breaking up with. Best friends since high school, Celeste (played by Rashida Jones) and Jesse (played by Andy Samberg) decide to divorce but to remain friends much to chagrin of their friends Beth (played by Ari Graynor) and Tucker (played by Eric Christian Olsen).

Celeste stays in the house while Jesse, who is not really working much, lives in the guest house. Their confidence that this is possible is shaken when Jesse begins to date while Celeste finds it hard to move on. Soon it becomes a case of him changing for the better and Celeste devolving.

Keeping the pace rather slow lends to a rather realistic feel to the film. What also adds to the realism is that we can all identify people we know in the two leads. Man childs and micro managers. An interesting role reversal happens here in that the guy gets things together after the break up with the woman falling apart.

Cool to see Samberg and to some extent Jones in a film which is equal parts drama and comedy. Both have been somewhat boxed in as comedic actors so it is nice to see them show they can do some serious stuff as well.

Keep eyes open for small roles from Elijah Wood, Chris D’Elia, Emma Roberts, Chris Messina, and Chris Pine.

Special Features:

-Audio Commentaries


-Q & A

-Deleted Scenes


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