What’s the T?

Released in 2012 this 65 minute documentary directed by Cecilio Asuncion brings you into the life of transgender women. Their challenges and success. Five transgender women, from different backgrounds and of a variety of ages, talk about their journeys to the person they are today.

We get a window into the lives of Cassandra, Mia, Rakash, Nya, and Vi Le. Each, as you would expect, has had a different experience. Cassandra has animals which she treats like her children. Nya has just had breast implants. Rakash is studying to become a registered nurse. Vi Le is a singer and is studying biochemistry. Mia is in love and works part time on the Youth Commission in San Francisco.

What they all do have in common is that things have not been easy for them. Cassandra’s father said she was going to be the ugliest woman and no one was ever going to love her. Mia’s family took her to masculinity classes and counselling. She was raised in the South and did not have an ally growing up. This inspired her to become an activist. Vi Le talks about thinking about suicide. Nya works at Asiasf, a strip club for trans people.

All were asked what the biggest misconception about the trans community is and it is awful things like they are all sex crazed and all look like men. Imagine having to live your life like that? Be seen like that…

A question is asked of straight people at a piano bar as to what they think the difference is between drag queens and transgender women. Some were not aware of the difference while others had more enlightened ideas. Cassandra and Rakash both exist in this world as Cassandra has her own drag show and Rakash does the Ballroom scene, where she competes in the “drag realness” category.

Now streaming on Snagfilms.

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