V.V. Lightbody Announces New Album “Make A Shrine Or Burn It” On Acrophase Records // Shares New Single “If It’s Not Me”




V.V. Lightbody is back with the announcement of her first album, Make A Shrine Or Burn It, for Nashville’s Acrophase Records and is sharing the new single “If It’s Not Me” today. Following her two teaser tracks from 2019 V.V. Lightbody returns with an incredibly beautiful new song showcasing the multi-instrumentalists knack for stunning arrangements and fully transparent, empathetic, and honest songwriting. Speaking to her new song Vivian McConnell says; “If It’s Not Me,” is my anti-jealousy anthem about not hating the future partner of your current partner. Feeling happy for an ex, although not always easy, feels healthy and mature to me, especially when you aren’t ready to commit — there’s no need to be possessive!

If it’s not me, I’m happy for you / If it’s not me I hope she’s happy too / I never wanna hate another woman just because she’s out there livin’I recently listened to the Dolly Parton’s America podcast where they break down “Jolene” as the opposite of the typical “other woman” or “cheating song” (a popular country music trope – see Loretta Lynn’s “Fist City”). While I can’t hold a candle to Dolly, I’d like to think that “If It’s Not Me” sits in a similar category that “Jolene” does, attempting to view the “other woman” with respect and dignity, an important step for healing and one’s sanity.”

V.V.’s last single, “Car Alarm“, showcased a heavier, indie rock side of the project than her previous singles with Vivian saying that ““Car  Alarm” is one of those songs I wrote in about 10 minutes, which is rare and maybe why it feels so good to play. It’s aggressive, but still has a humid “nap rock” feel. I wanted it to be like deep summer. I was thinking a lot about death when I wrote this song, and in the moment it helped me to be tongue in cheek about it. The thought of me hypothetically trying to contact everyone in my life to let them know that I’m dying (or about to die?) made me laugh. The chorus pokes fun at being a selfishly dark artist, taking small human moments and exaggerating them into song, i.e. being “set off” by someone’s beauty, staying up all night chatting, exiting a situation because of guilt, etc.”

Less than a year after releasing her debut, Bathing Peach, Chicago’s V.V. Lightbody last year released the shimmering, dreamy, bossa-nova influenced, single, “Baby, Honestly”, which  Stereogum said “craft[s] an atmosphere that feels like the liminal space between a cocktail bar and a bedroom” replete with “glittery guitar strums, light percussion, and her deceptively sweet delivery.” This offering, featured on her sophomore, from V.V. reflects her self-anointed genre, “nap rock”. Not to be confused for being sleepy “Baby, Honestly” lulls you into a peaceful state while speaking to V.V.’s experience with a nascent desire for “sin.” Speaking to the track V.V. says, “Baby, Honestly” is my “snake-in-the-grass” song that explores what sinning feels like as a chronic people pleaser. I wrote it at a time where I didn’t want to do what people expected of me anymore. Putting myself before others felt like the first “sin”, followed by stretching the truth and admitting that I was bored by a lover’s interests. “Baby, Honestly” is appropriately two faced: biting lyrics hidden beneath a lush and charming soundscape.

V.V. Lightbody is the solo project of Vivian McConnell, a seasoned songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who is also a member of, and plays in, a host of Chicago’s tight-knit and thriving indie music scene including Santah, Grandkids, Accessory (Jason Balla of Ne-Hi), Slow Mass, Rose Hotel, Lala Lala and more. With complex yet undeniably hummable songs, V.V. has been floating in the Chicago music world for a minute and is readying her debut album for Nashville’s Acrophase Records and big plans for the year ahead V.V. Lightbody is one to watch.

Find V.V. Lightbody’s tour dates below.

V.V. Lightbody Tour Dates

March 15 – St Louis, MO @ House show

March 16 – Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone Cafe

March 18-21 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

March 22 – Hot Springs, AR @ Valley of the Vapors Festival

April 1 – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club

April 2 – Madison, WI @ Communication

April 3 – Ashland, WI @ Ashland Folk Festival

May 7 – Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary

May 8 – Toronto, ON @ Burdock Music Hall

May 9 – Montreal, QC @ Casa del Popolo

May 10 – Burlington, VT @ The Lamp Shop

May 13 – New York, NY @ Trans Pecos

May 16 – Washington, DC @ Vinyl Lounge

May 17 – Raleigh, NC @ Neptune’s Parlour

May 18 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl

May 19 – Nashville, TN @ Drkmttr

May 21 – Bloomington, IN @ The Blockhouse

May 22 – Champaign, IL @ Rose Bowl

May 23 – Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village

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