Animal Machine

Cows. I am not sure if there is a more mistreated and misunderstood animal on this planet. Humans use and use up these docile beasts for our (supposed) needs and then slaughters them cruelly. Because of the powerful beef and dairy industries this abuse has been allowed to go on for around a century. Something has got to give, I say.

Once it became big business to own beef and dairy cows humans have injected plenty of money into making the cruelty more efficient. We don’t want to make cows’ lives any better we just want to scientifically alter cows to make them bigger so we can get more meat and produce more milk.

Released in 2015 and directed by Bernard Block, Animal Machine looks into the business of cows. How they have been treated like machines. The money that has been poured into genetic modification so they are bigger and better. We have transformed and manipulated cow genes so much that they are not close to the animals which existed even in the 19th century.

Dairy or beef farms in the 21st century are huge with hundreds and thousands of cows. Science is shown to have done so much research that even on a cellular level we have altered cows. Interbred different strains in order to make them huge while still docile. Selected studs from a select few who have the genetic make up we want and then slaughtering all the other young males for the veal industry. Perfected ways of keeping female cows constantly pregnant so they produce milk pretty much continuously over their short horrific lives of around four years.

Narrator Anouk Adrien along with director/screenwriter Bernard Block take us through all the technology and science that is behind the industry. An industry that has gone so far in order to maintain its dominance that research is being done into breeding cows which would produce less methane in order to defend against the attack of climate activists who come after it due to all the cow farting, which is detrimental to our environment.

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