Mindhunter: Season One

Lead here is Jonathan Groff. Yes, that Jonathan Groff. Tony Award and Grammy Award winner. Broadway star from productions like Spring Awakening and Hamilton. Guest star on the television series Glee. Voice of Kristoff in the huge animated film hits, Frozen and Frozen II. Even soap opera star in One Life to Live. In other words, the guy wins at whatever he undertakes. And he can sing!

With the Netflix series Mindhunter he does not sing. Not even close. This is a dark and disturbing series. Mindhunter is from the mind of Joe Penhall (writer of the films The Road and Enduring Love), produced by Charlize Theron and produced and occasionally directed by someone who has explored the darker side of humanity many a time, David Fincher (Seven, Zodiac).

It is a series about the FBI and serial killers. The beginning of the intertwining of the two. Set in the 1970s, it features young Special Agent Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), who has been working at the Academy teaching young recruits about hostage negotiation. Intrigued by the psychology behind crime, Holden soon finds himself conducting a travel school with grizzled Special Agent Bill Tench (Holt McCallany – Fight Club, Concussion).

While doing that, the two begin to gain access to incarcerated criminals who have committed horrific crimes. Often have killed many people. Holden and Bill begin interview killers like Edmund Kemper (Cameron Britton – The Girl in the Spider’s Web).

After taking on academic, Dr. Wendy Carr (Anna Torv – from television’s Fringe), they really become the Behavioral Science division of the FBI. They use psychology, anthropology and sociology to try to come up with a more complete picture of why these men (and they are almost exclusively men) commit these multiple murders. It is the beginning of the studying and identifying of serial killers.

Definitely the type of series which you will binge watch. Despite its dark tone and look as well as frightening underbelly. We are all interested in trying to understand what makes these people tick. Like what the FBI agents are studying, this gets into your head and quick! Won’t want to watch it with the lights off!

Light on action it definitely is a different type of FBI series. Dark like X-Files, but does not involve much on the physical side. The focus is on the human mind and how it works. Stories do not unfold quickly. Time is taken with a little bit coming out at a time. You learn more and more about the characters as the episodes pass.

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