Alambika is thrilled to announce the official opening of Alkadémie, a multidisciplinary venue and experimental bar serving cocktails, spirits, and natural wine in the heart of Mile-Ex. Located behind the Saint-Laurent Boulevard boutique, at the corner of Beaubien Street West, in the now unrecognizable premises of what used to be Garage Ferrari, the space opening on March 26 is about to become the new hideout of Montrealers who love cocktails, wine, absinthe, sake, champagne, and more.

What if you were told that it would soon be possible to drink natural wine and epic cocktails in hand-blown crystal glasses designed for Cheval Blanc and Michelin-starred establishments from Champagne… in the laid-back atmosphere of an old car shop in Mile-Ex? And that famous bartenders from Japan, Europe, and the United States would visit? With special nights featuring distillers, importers, and winemakers? Plus affordable spirits classes taught by renowned experts? Yeah, it’s now possible!  Already well-known by aficionados of liquid pleasure, the cocktail ingredients and accessories boutique Alambika has been discreetly testing the Alkadémie concept for a few months. They notably welcomed two pop-up bars—Funk Populaire​ and Chalet Urbain — in addition to the Canadian launch of a book about La Chartreuse, nights devoted to bee product cocktails with Miels d’Anicet, and other special evenings. The team is more than ready to kick off the sunny season with a mature, well-honed formula.

In addition to “putting into practice” the many products of the boutique, Alkadémie will feature a significant educational dimension – hence its name. Classes on natural wine, craft beer, cocktails, whisky, gin, and rum will be offered on weeknights and during the day on weekends. Furthermore, a simple, but unique food menu will be offered to avoid drinking on an empty stomach – e.g., Angostura bitter pulled pork, Luxardo marasca cherry brownies, and other options showcasing cocktail ingredients.

Leading this programming are Kalina César (​Le Filet, Hôtel Herman et Marconi​), an exceptionally versatile personality whose knowledge of wine equals her love for cocktails, and Jean-Sébastien Michel, the founder and developer of the project, who will also occasionally work as a busboy for a few months. With a capacity of about thirty people, this intimate, modular space allows all kinds of quality encounters.

The new formula includes opening the space to the general public three nights a week, Thursday to Saturday, from 5 p.m. to midnight; a food menu; and better synergy between the resources of the boutique and the operation of the venue. Meaning that drinks will be served in unusual glasses, with sophisticated devices being used to mix the cocktails. There will also be bar tools made from Damascus steel, Japanese ice saws, original bitters being tested before their Canadian launch, exclusive collaborative beers, etc.

In addition to the regular menu, an evolving themed cocktail list will be offered. Since representatives of Alambika were invited by the Japanese government to visit their artisan producers last December, they will use Japanese ingredients, alcohols, and ideas to create their first conceptual menu.

Alkadémie is above all Alambika’s development lab, and the idea is to share these discoveries with the public.


Thursday to Saturday, from 5 p.m. to midnight (starting March 26) 

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