It’s Nothing @ Les Rendez Vous Quebec Cinema

In around 16 minutes director Anna Maguire (Here Before You, Your Mother and I) manages to put out a unique perspective on eating disorders. It is a subject which has been explored before and often in films and television.

Robin (Emily Piggford – appeared in episodes of The Umbrella Academy and Beauty and the Beast) has recently graduated and is now in the process of applying for post grad. She has moved back in with her parents for the meantime. Once there she begins secretly to dig a hole in the local park. A big hole. And she goes back to it frequently.

Soon we begin to realize that the hole is a representation of her eating disorder and the girl (Cara Gee – from television’s The Expanse) speaking to her is her own mind constantly bombarding her with messages about not eating and how she is not good enough.

If she does go out with friends, Robin makes up excuses or lies so she doesn’t have to eat. Though she obviously looks like she has been starving herself no one mentions anything. That is, except for one friend, who she manages to brush off, and her mother.

In the film her thinness is represented by dirt. She is always dirty from being in the hole. Even though people see it, no one mentions it. Eating disorders, like most mental health issues, are things we don’t like to discuss. Makes people uncomfortable. This film goes a long way towards showing people that no matter how uncomfortable it has to come out of the shadows and be dealt with.

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