Durham County Poets – Hand Me Down Blues

Quebec based blues band Durham County Poets are back with some new music. The lead single off the album is the title track. It, as well as most of the album, is a lively song filled with plenty of soul. This album is filled with a diverse bunch of blues tracks. You can hear their influences of Muddy Waters and Dire Straits here. Using all that the five musicians who are part of the group have created something which sounds quite unique. If you are looking for a good time record put this one on.

Track listing:

1.Hand Me Down Blues 03:23

2.The Moon Won’t Go Down 04:28

3.Evil in The Heart 04:03

4.Still Water 03:12

5.With a Little Help From My Friends 03:44

6.Help me to Change 05:06

7.Kidney Stew 03:33

8.One Lonely Toothbrush 04:25

9.Can’t Be Satisfied 04:08

10.If the Lid Don’t Fit 02:50

11.St. James Infirmary 04:08

12.That Ain’t Right 03:49

13.I’ve been Living With the Blues 03:09

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