Sheryl Underwood: Too Much Information

A stand up special from Sheryl Underwood from the year 2005. It was not until I watched this that I remembered how filthy (in a good way) Underwood’s material generally is. This is definitely stand up comedy for adults.

Most of her material deals with her observations on slices of life. Observational humour, in other words. Starts off her set by thanking white folks for coming to see her and that them being there means to her that she must really be a celebrity. Warns them if you don’t understand what she is saying lean over to a black “interpreter”. Also states she is a Christian, but apologizes to Christians in the audience for the language and filth they are about to hear.

The lady is very blunt. She does not temper her reactions to anything which catches her attention. Bad behaviour is called out. Sexual proclivities are discussed. Often and in great detail.

She definitely has her own style. Even brings her purse up on stage.

Bottom line is that even though some of it is shocking, it is for the most part very funny. Tells it like it is.

You can stream the special on Filmrise.

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