Brittany Howard – Jaime

Brittany Howard has become known to music fans as the singer from Alabama Shakes. Now she has struck out to make an album of her own. How does it differ from her band stuff, you ask. Well, it is a different sound. Alabama Shakes is a blues/rock band. On her debut solo effort, Brittany Howard shows her inventive side here. Meaning fans of her previous stuff will have to adjust some. This is more funky and jazz oriented. While I totally enjoy when an artist shows all their sides or influences, for the most part it does not land here. Most of the problem is the sound mixing. Brittany Howard is known for her voice. It is powerful and soulful. Weirdly, because of the mix, here it is often muddled and not the focal point. Not to look down my nose at it though often it felt like listening to a garage jam session which had been recorded on someone’s phone. Has a kind of amateur sound to it. Love all the variety and trippy nature but still expected more from this artist with such a presence. In future she and her voice should be the center of all her solo material.

Track Listings

1. History Repeats
2. He Loves Me
3. Georgia
4. Stay High
5. Tomorrow
6. Short And Sweet
7. 13th Century Metal
8. Baby
9. Goat Head
10. Presence
11. Run To Me

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