Short films often slip between the cracks in regards to attention paid by film goers. They don’t often get seen, so film festivals like SXSW are often their bread and butter. This is where they get some eyes on them. Another reason why the cancellation of SXSW sucks.

A short film like Runon by Daniel Newell Kaufman’s, a man who has directed videos by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, counts on the festival circuit. Runon is a film which is deeper than its description makes it seem. It is not just about a young boy and his mother in a bus station wanting to make a run for it to escape from her partner. On another level it is about people trying to escape who they are. A boy (Luke Visagie) trying to break free from his mother (Erin Markey) and finding his own path in life.

Twelve minutes which involves both straight forward storytelling and parts which are more abstract.

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