The Kathy Griffin Collection: Red, White & Raw – Season 1

Each of the episodes of the season features one stand up show which Kathy Griffin performed in between 2009 to 2011.

The titles of the specials are:

Balls Of Steel

Does The Bible Belt

Whores On Crutches

50 & Not Pregnant

Gurrl Down

Pants Off

Tired Hooker

If you are in any way familiar with Kathy Griffen then nothing about these eight specials will surprise you. She takes on Hollywood and all its stars in a big way. No one is too big for her to talk about. The Kardashians. Oprah Winfrey. Cher. Barbara Walters. No boundaries and she doesn’t seem to worry about blow back from anyone.

When she, a self-proclaimed D-lister, makes fun of a celebrity it is relatable because she has been able to maintain her every lady type persona. It is like sitting around with one of your friends (if they wer really funny and foul mouthed) and poop talking famous people. She is able to demonstrate how the lives they live are often completely ridiculous. Easy targets yet completely funny.

Even though the shows are a decade or more old they have aged well. Still funny!

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