Preview: Jimmy Olsson’s ALIVE highlights disability intimacy


Director Jimmy Olsson’s isn’t afraid to tackle the subject of enjoying intimacy when you have a disability. This topical live action short film was selected to world premiere at the Oscar-qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival.

Stuck in a wheelchair and suffering from brain damage, Victoria yearns for intimacy. Her caregiver, Ida, tries to help by creating her a Tinder profile but finds the outcome both frightening and unpredictable. 

After attending film school director Jimmy Olsson began his career in 2005, he then worked for several years in the commercial industry and released his first professional short film Repressed (Förträngd) in 2011, which won several awards at high profile international film festivals. His recent film 2nd Class highlighting the topic of racism traveled all over the world claiming numerous awards. In the future, Jimmy would like to tell heartwarming moving stories and create art house films for a broader audience. His filmography includes Alive, Whatever Happened to Ms Longstocking, 2nd Class, Palmegruppen tar långlunch, Void, Cesar, In Your Interest and Repressed.

Eva Johansson stars as Victoria, her work includes starring in films such as The Greatest and June, directed by Fijona Jonuzi for Plattform Produktion, Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit if Cat, directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark for Garagefilm and Hot Chicks, directed by Ninja Thyberg for Silverosa Film. 

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