Queer as Folk: Season 2

As this series happened in the late 1990s, it was rather groundbreaking. It was the first one which featured the stories of a cast which was almost entirely gay. While it played on many of the stereotypes of gay men, in that they are promiscuous, effeminate and all they do is party, there were some important moments to be found.

We follow the lives of three gay men who live in Manchester. Stuart (Aiden Gillen – The Dark Knight Rises, Bohemian Rhapsody) is successful (rich) in business and his sex life. He sleeps with whomever he wants to whenever he wants to…or so it seems. His best friend for almost two decades is Vince (Craig Kelly – Titanic, Spice World), a manager at a grocery store. Finally, there is 15-year-old high schooler Nathan (Charlie Hunnam – Crimson Peak, The Gentlemen), who has just come out as gay and finds himself in love with the unatainable Stuart.

While season one ran eight episodes, season two was only two episodes long. It was the end of the series. Which is unfortunate as the ending leaves us hanging. Answers are not supplied.

That being said there is a somewhat different tone to season two. It is lot less fluffy and much more serious than what came before. Each Stuart, Vince and Nathan has some important decisions to make.

You can stream the two seasons of the UK version of Queer as Folk on Roku.

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