Love is Blind: Season 1

Ok, so I was late to the party here. Did not watch it until recently. But felt compelled to as I heard everyone and their dog talking about the Netflix original series. Celebrities. People at work. Strangers on public transportation. Curiousity got the better of me. So I caved. Though it was pretty much a trash fire of a situation, I enjoyed every moment.

Let me qualify that. I was entertained and engaged. Couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Kinda like a car crash. Terrible behaviour. Crazy stuff!

The premise here is that they divided a whole bunch of men and women into large domiciles and then each day they were able to go into different small rooms called pods where on the other side of a wall complete with one panel of frosted glass was a person of the opposite sex. There they would “date”. Try to get to know each other in other words and see who they clicked with. Because at the end they were supposed to come out of this engaged. Engaged to a person who they had only “known” for a few days, but had never actually seen. Then those who had become engaged would get married a few weeks later. Crazy right? Needless to say, a lot of craziness went down. All very entertaining craziness.

I am not big on reality shows. I have watched a bit of Big Brother and that is pretty much it for me. Not really my style. That is until I recently watched another Netflix original series, The Circle. I enjoyed that, so it was not a big leap for me to make to watch Love is Blind. Plus all the brouhaha around it.

Season one is comprised of 10 almost hour long episodes and one reunion episode. All filled with moments of laughter, moments when you shake your head in disbelief and others when you just sit there with your mouth agape. Though secretly (or for most people not so secretly) enjoying every moment.

So you might ask yourself do I really need to watch (binge) another? The answer is “yes” especially in this time of social isolation. What goes on here will totally make you forget about anything else. A perfect guilty pleasure. Jump two feet first down that rabbit hole!

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