Of all the short films that I saw last year, Kitbull was right up near the top. I was not the only one who thought it was great as it earned an Oscar nomination in the Best Animated Short Film category.

Out of the Pixar stable courtesy of SparkShorts, Kitbull is directed and written by Rosana Sullivan. It is almost nine minutes of delight. Sullivan and her animators have brought to life a little black kitten and a grey pitbull (hence the name Kitbull) better than these types of animals have ever been done. The movements and mannerisms are fantastic. Really realistic. One of my favourite parts is when the little black kitten finds a plastic orange lid to play with. The pouncing and the huge pupils are great! So it!

The story features a black kitten who lives in a cardboard box in a junk filled backyard. His life is turned upside down when one day he woken from a nap by the noise of a grey pitbull being put in the backyard. Initially he is frightened of the much bigger dog. Everytime they come near each other the kitten hisses and his claws come out. After a bit the kitten figures out that the dog is not going to eat him despite the fact that he looks rather menacing. The dog just wants a friend.

Looks can be deceiving as the pitbull is really a sweetie. He is being mistreated by his owner, who has just chained him up on the backyard and forces him to fight. One evening he is dumped outside really injured from a dog fight. Even though he is injured he helps the kitten out one night, but again because of his imposing looks the kitten is once again scared. Though over the course of the night the kitten changes his mind and snuggles up with the injured dog.

Next day, before his terrible owner can get him, the pitbull and the kitten escape the backyard. Out in the big wide world the two new friends come upon the life which they truly deserve. As do all animals.

You can watch the entire short film below:

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