The Neighbor’s Window

At the 2019 Oscar ceremony The Neighbor’s Window, directed and written by Marshall Curry (A Night at the Garden, Funeral for a 747), won in the Best Live Action Short Film category. While all of the nominated films were great this one probably resonated the most because of its universal message covering the human feeling of the grass being greener on the other side.

We all seem to think, no matter how bad or good life is, that there is something better. Something better somewhere else. As such we are constantly in a state of envy and dissatisfaction. We stop ourselves from seeing how great or good we have it.

Director/writer Marshall Curry is a four time Oscar nominee. The films he makes have been recognized and recognized often as those of great quality. This is no exception.

A mother of several young children and her husband lead harried and busy lives. Alli (Maria Dizzia – Rachel Getting Married, Martha Marcy May Marlene) and Jacob (Greg Keller – Jane Wants a Boyfriend, While We’re Young) have lives which are very full – almost every way possible. They are married and have kids. Seem very happy. That is until a young couple moves in to the apartment building across the street.

Alli begins to watch the woman (Juliana Canfield – from television’s Succession) and man (Bret Lada – appeared in episodes of The Good Wife and Pose). Watches them as they seem to have plenty of freedom. Can have romantic dinners a deux and sex whenever they want. They are not tied down by the family obligations that Alli and Jacob are.

Alli and Jacob both start watching their neighbours with their jealousy continuously growing. When Alli finally meets the young woman outside on the street she clues into the fact that not everything is as it seems from a distance. Especially while looking out a window.

We should all appreciate what we have. What is happening now in the world has really rammed that home, hasn’t it? Enjoy what you have. Don’t be envious as everyone has their problems/issues.

You can watch the full film below:

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