Liberated demo downloaded by over 11,000 gamers | Only one day left!

With the 2nd most-watched stream, and ca. 11,000 downloads the Liberated demo has become one of the most popular demos available in the Steam Game Festival. Make sure you download it before the event’s end on March 23rd 18:00 CET.

Liberated is a 2.5D side-scroller, where players can sneak or shoot their way through a noir cyberpunk dystopia inspired by Frank Miller’s and Will Eisner’s groundbreaking graphic novels. The demo takes you on a roller-coaster tour through selected action set pieces from the first two chapters of the game.

The game boasts a unique comic book style—both gameplay and story take place entirely within a realistically rendered comic book. 3D-based action and hand-drawn cutscenes interchange with a pan from one panel to another.

Download this limited-time demo directly from Liberated’s Steam page:

Liberated is coming to Nintendo Switch in Q2 2020, with the PC version to follow soon after.

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