A Better You

Trailer: https://player.vimeo.com/video/371154010

The world is run by Alexander Veloso and Douglas (Sean T. O Meallaigh – from television’s Vikings) is merely a worker in it. A worker who does not have much self confidence. Especially when it comes to women.

Douglas really likes his co-worker, Olga (Hannah Mamalis – appeared in an episode of Ripper Street), but is too shy to ask her out. He finally gets up the courage to ask her to a dance he has two tickets to. He asks her out online and Olga agrees. Still not sure of himself, Douglas purchases a customizable clone called A Better You which he will send in his place. He will program his clone to be the right amount of charming and a good dancer. All is looking good until the clone runs out of battery just before the dance.

A mere 15 minutes. That is all you need to make your point. Director Eamonn Murphy’s steampunk film illustrates how he feels technology and social media has taken over our lives today. And it isn’t all for the better. Things that are supposed to bring us closer together are actually driving us apart. We can hide behind the anonymity of the screen. Feeling we can say anything to anyone. Not really truly investing ourselves in anything or anyone. Technology like AI and the advances in robotics allows us to dream of a time in which we can be perfect. We don’t really have to strive to be better; we can just purchase it. Rather scary if you think about it.

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