International Falls

Out of the darkest times in life sometimes humour comes. In her directorial debut Amber McGinnis mines this for movie gold. A low budget pot of gold is what this is. She discovers gold in frigid Minnesota. Well, you catch my drift.

International Falls is the type of film that sneaks up on you. At first you wondering what exactly you got yourself into. The crazy Minnesota accents. The bad sweaters and hair. Admit it, like me you thought this was going to be painful. Well, we were all wrong because this ended up being a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Laughter is the best medecine they say. In most instances they are right. Comedy is the way, up until now, that Tim (Rob Huebel – I Love You, Man, The Descendants), a stand-up comedian, has made it through. Though he is rather unhappy with his life, there is someone who wants what he has. That someone is Dee (Rachael Harris – from television’s Lucifer), a married mother of two who works at a small hotel in International Falls, Minnesota.

See Dee dreams of doing what Tim does. She wants to be a stand-up comedian. Recently Dee has found out her husband (Matthew Glave – The Wedding Singer, Argo) has been having an affair, so she is a woman at wit’s end. A woman who is ready for a change and Tim offers her an opportunity at just that.

Dark comedy is one of my favourite genres and when it is done well it is oh so satisfying. Here the two main characters are leading lives which are completely despressing. Both are unhappy. Both want an escape. Both find one. One involving laughs while the other doesn’t.

Here the laughs come with equal amounts of poignancy. Two people who try to use humour to get through tough periods in their lives. Should be sad, but it isn’t. Not in the end. There are certainly sad moments, but there always seems to be a silver lining. One that carries them through the dark times.

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