Lisa in the City: Season 1

In today’s hustle and bustle world dominated by social media, we have become accustomed our entertainment being in small bites. As a result our attention spans’ have greatly decreased. That is where a web series like Lisa in the City comes in. Each episode is short (under five minutes) and snappy.

Lisa Colalillo, a former host on HGTV so might already be familiar to some of you, is an example of the modern woman. In other words, she has plenty irons in the fire. A queen of multitasking, Lisa is a mother (two young children, a wife, works as a real estate agent, and is also a social influencer.

Here in her bitesized web series, we get to spend some time with Lisa. As she juggles taking care of her two young children and tries to build up the Lisa brand. Oh, and did I mention she is also auditioning for a part?

What is great about Lisa is that she has no filter. She says what’s on her mind and uses colourful language to express herself. A perfect scene to demonstrate who she truly is at her core happens when she is at the dentist to fix a chipped tooth. Even he cannot get her to sit down for a bit or even to stop talking. It is hilarious.

There are many hilarious and, especially for mothers, relatable moments here. Moments when things don’t work out. Moments when you are trying to do something but your kids are going apeshit. Moments when you have a few glasses of wine too many.

Watch episode 1 here:

You can watch the entire first season, which is 10 episodes, on YouTube.

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