Broken Bird

Time has come for Birdie’s (Indigo Hubbard-Salk – from television’s She’s Gotta Have It) Bat Mitzvah. She is conflicted about it. Not the usual teenager ambivalence or drama. But a true inner struggle as she lies on the cusp of becoming a young adult.

She is biracial and her parents are not together anymore. Birdie has been raised by her mother in a suburb in New Jersey and her father (Chad L. Coleman – from television’s The Wire) has largely been absent.

Now she is spending the day with her father. They eat a meal, talk about her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, listen to some music, and he buys her a designer knockoff bag out of the trunk of a guy’s car. All in all, Birdie has a nice time with her father. So, she sticks out her neck, takes a risk and invites him to her Bat Mitzvah. The question is whether he will show up.

Many of us have felt caught between two worlds at times in our lives. Not sure which way to turn and who we could ask for help or guidance. Though being a teenager is an exciting time it is also one with plenty of struggle. The struggle to figure out who we are or want to be. Also, where we fit in in the world. Big things for young people to have on their shoulders.

For teens they can rely on their parets for some guidance. But for Birdie, she has only had one role model as her father is estranged. Though she obviously has anger issues with her father, a part of her does want him in her life. Though she still wants to have some independence as she ages into adulthood.

All these trials, tribulations and learning phases of life are shown in Rachel Harrison’s semi-autobiographical short film. Just a few minutes are needed to show the phase in life where we all learned how to become the person we want to. Everything we go through teaches us about ourselves and the world.

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