OVID.tv – Now Streaming: New Films on Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, Hieronymus Bosch, a FB Live Event on Indie Chinese Cinema, & More!

A Special Facebook Live Event
on Indie Chinese Cinema, 
New Films on Artists, & More!

OVID.tv is excited to invite you to a Facebook Live event with the founder of the dGenerate collection, Karin Chien, next Thursday, April 9th at 1pm EST on OVID’s Facebook Page—bring your questions on all things related to independent Chinese cinema

As for new films this week: they’re celebrating what would have been April Fools’ Day by adding THE MAD ADVENTURES OF RABBI JACOB, an escapist comedy of disguises and mistaken identity.

We’re also adding new films on the artists Pablo Picasso and David Hockney. There’s also an amazing documentary on Hieronymus Bosch featuring Orhan Pamuk, Salman Rushdie, Renee Fleming, William Christie, Philippe de Montebello, Ludovico Einaudi and John Eliot Gardiner! Finally, there’s HUMAN CAPITAL based on Stephen Amidon’s acclaimed novel. In this film, director Paolo Virzì’s presents a riveting and stylish modern day morality tale of class, greed and desire.

Check out these new releases, a special collection of documentaries curated by the Harlem-based Maysles Documentary Center, and more details on the Facebook Live event below:

Facebook Live Event on Indie Chinese Cinema
dGenerate Films was established in 2008 by a team of filmmakers and innovators. They are dedicated to supporting independent Chinese film and their makers. dGenerate Films is led by Karin Chien, an award-winning film producer and educator.

Tune into OVID’s Facebook Page next Thursday, April 9th at 1pm EST to gain more insight into independent Chinese films and get some great recommendations on what to watch next. Bring questions 🙂
Tune into Facebook Live Event

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