Face to Face Time @ SXSW

Though SXSW had to be cancelled there are still films that they screened online. So the reviews continue!

Timing is everything. This short film (lasting 6 minutes) by director Izzy Shill is a perfect one in this time. Social distancing is now the reality pretty much globe wide, so going on dates is not possible. Technology like social media and FaceTime are what people are turning to meet people. Intimacy via a phone or camera is something more and more are turning to.

Face to Face Time is exactly about that. Claire and Danny have been on two dates. She decides that she wants to sexy things up by having a video chat. Prepares herself by wearing nice underwear and practices posing on her bed.

When she contacts Danny he is initially distracted by his phone and work. When he finally clues in to her intentions to make this a sexy chat, he totally gets into it…or so it seems at first.

Watch entire film here: https://mailchimp.com/presents/sxsw/face-to-face-time

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