The rampant devalueation and abuse of women has started over the past couple of years to be revealed due to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Now films like Bombshell and Deborah Kampmeier’s (Hounddog, Split) Tape are starting to come out.

Based on a true story and set in New York City, Tape tells the tale of a young aspiring actress who is duped in the worst possible way by a man claiming to be able to help her make it as an actress.

Many women line up at an audition. On day one Pearl (Isabelle Fuhrman – Orphan, The Hunger Games) and Rosa (Annarosa Mudd) make a connection. Unfortunately the director Lux (Tarek Bishara – appeared in episodes of Chicago Med and Madam Secretary) only selects Pearl to come back for day two of auditions.

In the end she does not get the role, but Lux contacts her to let her know he wants to continue working with her. He sees potential in her and thinks she can become a star. He books the same audition space for them to work in. Make a tape. Soon she finds herself in a situation which no young actress should. Little do they both know Rosa, who also has some experience with Lux, has been watching them the whole time.

While watching your first instinct is to think this story is unbelievable. Then you remember it is based on a true story. Stories like this happen all the time. Actresses trying to make it in the film world. Dreams of being stars. Ambitious and will to do almost anything to make that happen. Predators sense their desperation and prey upon it.

The emotions are right on the surface here. So is the seedier side of the acting/film world. The desire Pearl’s to be an actress. The cattle call type auditions which involve plenty of rejection. So much pressure put on the way they look leading to plenty like Pearl ending up with eating disorders. Others like Rosa who have been used up for men’s pleaure then tossed away. Like a commodity.

Telling stories of this type are of vital importance. What is going on must be exposed. Women have to be made to feel if they come forward that they will be believed. That they are not alone. That it is not their fault.

Part of the way that this has been allowed to go on for years…decades…longer, is that the women who are abused and assaulted are separated. They are emotionally isolated, which can be just as traumatizing as the assault. We have to reveal what is going on. Punish those responsible and help the women to heal.

Tape is available to stream on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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